Saturday, October 17, 2015

A bit of a slow week, just transferred these to their new bases. I really want to kick off another 10 but the Blight Kings are calling. I used the Blight Kings in a game of AoS against Ogres yesterday. They under preformed a bit but I probably expected a bit too much from them. I should have put them alongside some support but they arrived as reserves and were put in front of a nice juicy unit of Ogres. A target too tempting not to charge, and they rolled 12 inches to get to the unit so I was content to chuck them in too see how they would fare. Next time they will be a little wiser!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Next up on the painting table will be these guys. I will add them into my Nurgle AoS list (as well as the missing champion who is currently getting a neck built out of greenstuff.
The Plaguebearer heads fit the models quite well. I had to shave a small bit of the neck away to avoid the models staring up at the ceiling, and the champ had no neck at all so he needs something to fit a head to.

Nearly finished these guys. Just have to fit them to the round bases you see behind them. Then that is 10 of 40 done.

Did some kit bashing with the left over bits from the Nurgle DP and the lower half of a Trygon kit I purchased from bitz box. Will start painting him up for my Slaanesh DP soon.

A small sample of my Plague Bearers lead by two daemon heralds. The herald on the left was a gift from a mate and I am thinking of using it in AoS games as a Slaughter Priest in my Khorne list. The 10 plaguebearers in the pic have now become 40, with another 10 to paint. Thank goodness for the GW shade range, or as I call them, talent in a bottle!!

I finally finished the big guy, my counts as Great Unclean One. There are a few bits I am not happy with. I read some great tutorials on you tube on how to paint boils, so I am slowly redoing some things on him.

Ok, after a very long break I have started painting and posting again. On the left is my Nurgle themed Skull Cannon. One of two that I have made. On the right is my Nurgle Daemon Prince. Both of these guys are in my AoS army as well as my 40K Daemon army. Big thanks again to my mate Chris who does the vast majority of my greenstuffing, 'cos I have the artistic skills of a rock.

In AoS they both have preformed admirably, in 40K the DP was a little underwhelming. Mostly due to my lack of understanding how Flying Monstrous stuff works.
Anywho, the start of my Daemons!!